Rhonda Bell Holmes




Molestation and being raped twice were just a few things that happened in my young life contributing to my unconscious living and many many bad choices.  Finally, I began recognizing family tragedies that made me feel as though we were satan’s sitting targets, which brought me out of my unconscious state and led to questions for God … Why is this happening and is there anything I can do to prevent further attacks?

His answers continue; however, He began by teaching me the importance and value of my own words and how they can be used to create the Extraordinary Life He planned and prearranged – which ultimately led to The WORD Diet

Rhonda lives in Arkansas with her husband of over 30 years, Tracy. Their adult children, a daughter, son and daughter-in-love - apply these principles and are living their extraordinary lives as well.

The WORD Diet is a winner of a
Self-published Author Christian Book Award.

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The WORD Diet


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